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My name is Elyse Bush and I am the founder of Justus. My team and I built Justus so that marginalized affinity groups can share their workplace experiences with the community! My hope is that the website will not only be a tool to you, but to future onlookers who want to make smart decisions about the places that they work. My past experiences in my career have empowered me to create and share this platform, let's create something useful- together!

What Makes us Tick

Justus is platform where marginalized affinity groups can review the workplaces that they have worked in or currently work in. Justus is built for communities of color, the disabled community, women, and the LGBTQIA community.

We're impacting and creating positive and inclusive workplace environments everyday by creating a unique platform for communities to share their experiences and to learn from those of others. Companies who share this platform with their employees get access to an "Advice to Management" section which provides insight into constructive anonymous feedback from their employees.

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